This blog post is asking for help, help to keep homeless people warm with hot drinks.

Now there are many reasons why homelessness doesn’t need to exist and making people homeless in just a political choice by our government and past governments. Lack of social house building, the cruel and totally inefficient benefit sanction scheme, lack of metal health provisions. The lack of a basic income for all.

I will talk about all these things in future blog posts and videos, but in this post I am just asking for help, because why we sit around talking about what is wrong with the world and what solutions there maybe be people are freezing to death on the streets.

So if you can give please give, and if you see someone in need please send them to the shop for a hot drink.

We now have Pay Pal donation options to our Pay It Forward scheme, so if you can support us please do. Click this link to take you to our support page, many thanks for caring.